Thursday, October 28

almost a poem

sleeping under four blankets - a cosy kind of cold;
apples and cheese for lunch in a sundaysleepy village;
the prettiest fig, straight from the tree;
getting lost in the fairytale streets of a rocktop town;
reading and peoplewatching at the airport;
walking in silence for hours, with thoughts falling down softly and uninterrupted.

Sunday, October 24

back home

cradling memories of green hills, forests, autumn colours, sunshine, silence, conversation, wine, long walks, friendship, dreams and new ideas.

Friday, October 15

a trip

we are going away for a few days to discover new places. i am hoping for brightness and happiness and new good memories. the princess wants to come with us, but she will be pampered at home by my mum, who will be having her own little holiday at our house.

Wednesday, October 13

it's strange...

...but i like doing the dishes. we even have a dishwasher that has never been used as such since we live here. it functions as an extra cupboard instead.

Tuesday, October 12


this picture was taken last summer, from the balcony through the window into our hotel room in lauterbrunnen. i was there with my father, fulfilling our promise of years before to return to switzerland together one day.
i have such good memories of this evening. i sat on the balcony for hours, reading until it grew too dark to see. beneath us, people were talking and laughing in the garden. we drank whisky and my dad smoked lots of cigarettes with the excuse of keeping the wasps away. it was simply wonderful, and this blurry picture sums the feeling up perfectly for me.

Monday, October 11


i love my work. i make long days, i give it my full attention and lots of dedication. the environment is uplifting, it makes me happy and it is fulfilling.
but there is a downside. it pushes my creativity to the back of my heart. and that's not a good thing at all. i have to learn to leave work behind when i close the office door and welcome the other world i also love to live in. i have to learn to find a balance but i am not succeeding very well just yet. diligent practice in not taking it all so ridiculously serious is needed.

Wednesday, October 6

flowers for autumn

i found the perfect moodlifting scarf for autumn to lighten up rainy and colourless days. the princess loves it too: she thinks it's perfect to fall asleep on and dream the day away.

Monday, October 4

be still

i hate the days that feel heavy and undefinably sad. although they are rare, they fall upon me without warning and often without explanation. ignoring them does not make them disappear. it seems all i can do is be still and let them wash over me.

Sunday, October 3

seasons and bare feet

i realised that, since i started writing this blog and taking pictures for it, i have become more aware again of the seasons and of the look and feel they have. i also realised that i choose wearing ballerinas over having cold, wet feet during these autumny days.