Saturday, November 27

for winter

after an endless array of shawls, these are my first homemade mittens. just in time for the first frost.

Wednesday, November 24


the result of an adventure in the cobwebbed basement. isn't it a good thing that mary is watching over the princess in the background.

Sunday, November 21


exciting things are happening. the sort of things that make you feel half excited, half nervous. the sort of things that fill your thoughts all day. the sort of things that keep you awake for the better part of the night; that give you energy one moment and give you worries the next.

Saturday, November 20

the next one

almost the best part of finishing a book: deciding which one to start reading next.

Sunday, November 14

what is the what

i finished this one today. learnt a lot from it - such a new world for me - and unexpectedly found it so hard to put down. the trainrides to and from work flew by.

i am alive and you are alive so we must fill the air with our words.

Wednesday, November 10

wisdom on a teabag

a relaxed mind is a creative mind

Sunday, November 7

wisdom on a front door

simplicity is the sign of truth

Saturday, November 6

a confession

i have an empty weekend ahead of me. no exciting things to do or trips to go on. in the meantime, everyone seems to be expecting everyone to be busy all the time, to be filling life up feverishly with as many stories to tell as possible. yet i'm learning to confess that i love it like this: every now and then i hunger for some days of silence, of nowhere to go and only simple things to do.

Wednesday, November 3


work is hectic these days. sometimes it gives me energy and sometimes it takes away my energy.
but today is a good and simple day at home.