Thursday, July 28

despite the rain

i bought all this beautiful fruit for myself, and i can't even begin to explain how happy it makes me feel. yes, i am easily made happy.

Tuesday, July 26


boyfriend decided to expose our camera to the infamous irish rain. not a good idea. i use the camera on my phone now...

these are mostly products that were left partly finished some time ago, and that i finally emptied these last few days.

~ weleda birch shower peeling ~ this smells really nice, but i found it a bit too gentle to really do anything for my skin.
~ de traay shower cream rose ~ ok, but nothing special.
~ inecto moisturising face mask ~ smells strongly of coconut (i love that) and goes a long way.
~ zwitsal soft cream ~ this is actually for babies, but i like it a lot as a body cream.
~ l'oréal thickening shampoo ~ seems to work quite well.
~ sebastian matte putty ~ an expensive hair texturiser that i bought at the hair salon. i will definitely get regular drugstore stuff again from now on, because this was not worth it.

Thursday, July 21

one hundred

one hundred posts. i can't believe how fast that went.

Monday, July 18

by myself

i have two weeks off work. i watch the beauty of the tour de france, i take afternoon naps and walks into town to buy little things that i have been wanting to get for myself for a long time. i cook simple meals, i read a hundred pages a day that have been left unread on the shelves for ages. i dive into the sun when it shows up from behind the rainy clouds for a few minutes at a time. such simple luxuries.

Sunday, July 17


years and years ago, i was in switzerland with my father. we were walking through a very green landscape, when all of a sudden this grand hotel appeared like a fata morgana, with pale pink plaster, standing all by itself among fir trees and mountains. it had been there for years, a hotspot for the lucky few of yore. i imagined aristocratic old ladies in perfect dresses sipping tea behind the balconied windows. my dad and i made a promise to one day return to spend a night at rosenlaui.

the promise was fulfilled. again, the blistered pink of the hotel building rose suddenly from around a mountain corner, and i finally stepped over the threshold. the perfect remnants of past glory greeted me inside. creaking floorboards, majestic drawing rooms with stately pieces of period furniture. the rooms were large and empty, with spare army blankets piled on the marble-topped dressers. the communal bathrooms were the icing on the fairy tale cake.

rosenlaui is a magic place to always remember for me.

Sunday, July 10


for some strange reason, i have been intrigued with these posts ever since i saw them on other blogs. so, i decided to just do it.
these are the beauty products i finished over the past few weeks.

~ montagne jeunesse skin polisher face mask ~ smells of honey, a good product.
~ hema face mask raspberry smoothie ~ mwah, not so great.
~ the body shop sweet lemon body scrub ~ loved this one, it smells great and it works well.
~ herbacin wuta chamomile handcream ~ a nice small glycerine handcream to put in your bag.
~ dr. hauschka normalizing day oil ~ i used this to take off my make up. works very well for that purpose.
~ lush oatifix fresh face mask ~ one of the best products ever. this smells so heavenly you would want to eat it.

Monday, July 4

dinner for one

so simple and so tasty. (meanwhile, the burnt smell of barbecue is pervading my living room - not quite so tasty.)

Saturday, July 2

tacky but true

remember that the things we fear the most, are the things that are most worth fighting for.

Friday, July 1

did it again

spent my money at lush...

~ turkish delight body polish
~ ocean salt facescrub
~ breath of fresh air toner
~ buffy body butter
~ the joy of jelly shower jelly
~ oatifix face mask (free because i brought back five empty containers)
~ body butter tin (free with two buffies)
~ sexy peel soap sample

now i am going to enjoy the look and scent of it all for a good hour or so.