Monday, August 29


half a year has passed since i took this picture of all our stuff packed in boxes in the tiny house. it feels like a different world now. isn't it unbelievable how lives can change by the making of just one decision.

Sunday, August 28

lazy sunday

here's someone else who loves the new bed cover.

Saturday, August 27


i mostly finished lush products this month. and i loved every single thing that i used up (photographed on my cute new bed cover).

~ lush breath of fresh air facial toner ~ a nice and simple, refreshing toner. i already bought a new one, that's how much i liked it.
~ biotherm aquasource superserum ~ this is the most expensive beauty product that i occasionally buy. very much worth it though.
~ the body shop shea body butter ~ i find most body shop body butters a bit too sweet, but this one is just perfect, with a wonderful buttery texture.
~ lush buffy body butter ~ this is the best body butter ever. works wonders on bums and legs especially, they have never been smoother.
~ lush turkish delight shower smoothie ~ so luxurious...
~ lush grease lightning tea tree spot treatment ~ a good and gentle spot treatment gel.

Wednesday, August 24

at home

five hundred pages on the history of domestic life (and quite funny too). just what i love.

Tuesday, August 23

sort of artistic

i actually made art. so much fun to do.

Thursday, August 11

three ingredients

how to spend a tired afternoon: bed, book, cat.

Tuesday, August 9

the book of tomorrow

a lovely read.
you shouldn't try to stop everything from happening. sometimes you're supposed to feel awkward. sometimes you're supposed to be vulnerable in front of people. sometimes it's necessary because it's all part of you getting to the next part of yourself, the next day.
cecelia ahern ~ the book of tomorrow

Monday, August 8

where is the sun

the summer is raining away just like that. well, i guess i make the most of it by curling up on the couch with lots of books and by not missing the few rays that i can actually catch...

Sunday, August 7


i pledge to eat more fruit. what's not to love...

Tuesday, August 2

digital havens

i love to visit random blogs every now and then, discovering wonderful, surprising and touching places. i am amazed by the countless numbers of people dedicating time and effort to the creation of little digital worlds of their own. it is a notion that makes me happy and hopeful.