Thursday, May 31


two years old already
happy birthday beautiful girl

Thursday, May 24


zet je schrap tegen mij. alleen hier
in weerloosheid zijn we vrij.

from: ramsey nasr ~ tafelgenoten

Saturday, May 19


a whole bunch of pretty products i had never used before.

~ biotherm biosource hydra-mineral lotion softening water ~ pink packaging (always a bonus to me) and very soothing for my skin, which is now a lot drier than it was pre-pregnancy.
~ biotherm skin vivo reversive anti-aging serum ~ this serum gives an extremely luxurious feeling, i loved it.
~ sabon vanilla hand cream ~ another beautifully packaged product. i would have liked it to be a bit richer, but it smells heavenly and has a good texture.
~ sabon butter cream vanilla coconut ~ this really felt like putting butter on my skin, but in a good way. i loved the scent and texture. and the pretty pot it came in of course.
~ dr. van der hoog dead sea mud face mask ~ this was ok, but not very special. it was great to find the time to actually use it though.
~ lush honey i washed the kids soap ~ a warm and soft caramel-scented soap.

Tuesday, May 15

days of haste

if there is one thing i do not like, it is rushing. rushing through the early morning after a night of not nearly enough sleep, to get myself and little imp ready for the day. rushing to work, rushing through work, and back home to try to get everything done before toppling over with sleep. so little time for what really matters.
this baby-and-work combination is nowhere near working for me yet. i wonder if it simply needs time or if i am just not made for this.
to be continued, i guess...

Saturday, May 12

the silver lining

the bad news: they're all empty.
the good news: this means two free fresh face masks!
(now i just have to find the time somewhere to actually go and collect them.)

Tuesday, May 8


i tried to think of all the places where i have nursed. mostly it happens simply in my own living room or bedroom, but there are also numerous caf├ęs and restaurants, the couches of many family members and friends, little imp's day care centre, gardens, the beach, the odd parking lot.
i guess i simply want to say that, once the initial strangeness of pulling out a boob in public turns into a completely matter-of-fact act, breastfeeding is something wonderful. i am still in awe of the perfection of it every single day.

Saturday, May 5

salad days

the subject matter of my reading is still pretty limited. climbing the odd mountain, but mostly babies inside the womb, outside of the womb and motherhood. well, this one is written from the perspective of a new father. very funny.

Thursday, May 3


the princess is slowly finding her place again in our new family (which is not, by the way, in little imp's playpen, but sometimes you have to be lenient). little imp is still an extremely strange creature to her, but she is warming to him. and, amazingly, every time he cries she comes nuzzling to comfort us.

Wednesday, May 2


what boyfriend gave me:
a heart for our love
a star for the pregnancy
a sheep for the birth of little imp