Sunday, June 29

make it fun

i have talked before about my love for wrapping presents. what to do when someone asks for money instead of a birthday present? this is how i turned the gift into a cute package. nicer to give and more fun to receive.

Thursday, June 26

the sugarfree life

the osteopath that treated little bee advised me to stop eating sugar for a while to see if it would have any effect on the silent reflux. i have done short periods of no sugar before, but i've never kept it up this long and this seriously. and let me tell you: while i'm not sure if it makes any difference for little bee, it sure makes a world of difference for me. i feel so energized and so much healthier without the stuff. i already knew sugar is a bad thing (i've seen lists of all the terrible things it does to your body that make you feel like eating sugar is like downing a bottle of liquor or taking a shot of heroin), but now i also truly feel what it does to the body. i am craving sweet things less every day. not eating the bad stuff also makes it much more fun to hunt for good stuff and try out new things. like this little fruit pie that i made from scratch.

Saturday, June 21

then the letting go~2

yes, it feels just like it did two years ago. it is difficult and beautiful at the same time to see my child grow so quickly (even quicker than little imp did in those first months, it seems). little bee already doesn't look and feel like a newborn anymore. i started working again this week. and i will be walking her to daycare two days a week soon now, where she will not fall asleep while i carry her and where she will manage just fine without me (or so i do hope). we are not one anymore.

Saturday, June 14

not perfect

in the same vein, i believe it's important to be honest about the fact that no mother is a perfect mother. so here we go:
little bee seems to be allergic to the princess. i brought her to an osteopath because i suspected silent reflux (i recognized the syptoms because little imp was diagnosed with it when he was a tiny imp).the osteopath noticed that her breathing seemed constricted and that she was probably a bit short of breath, which might be caused by an allergy. he advised me to visit our gp about this, who verified it. and all the time, i hadn't noticed a thing. so the princess now has a new (and very good) home, and i am noticing changes in little bee. i wonder if i had ever suspected anything if the osteopath hadn't pointed it out to me. 
there you go: i am not a perfect parent. and this is only one of many examples. (i did seem to be right about the silent reflux though...)

Wednesday, June 11

a colourful start

look at how seriously i am taking this whole colour-thing: i made a little collage of the right colours in my blue book and i went on a small hunt to purchase the first item in one of the right colours. it's a colour i don't think i've ever worn before, but i can see that it works.
this also means that some other things will now leave my closet in exchange for the new things, since i am still a fervent declutterer. so long to some of all that black. a small yet good start.

Sunday, June 8


yesterday, my friend and i had a colour analysis: something i have been wanting to do for ages and now finally asked as a birthday present from my dad. after my first three hours away from little bee and a very interesting session of skin tone colour matching, i came home with this little card that shows all the colours i should wear. it basically means i will have to spend a fortune to change pretty much all of my wardrobe, because apparently i was doing it all wrong (no more black for me, for instance, when half my clothes are black, and lots of blue whereas i now own exactly one blue dress...). but after all that, i am going to look absolutely smashing.

Thursday, June 5

from the blue book

i hardly ever buy magazines, but when i do i always find it hard to throw it away after reading if there are beautiful pictures in it. so i came up with the blue book: a book in which i save all the pretty pictures i find. and every now and then i leaf through it just for the fun of it.

Monday, June 2


they do still exist: the small moments in which i have time to do something just for myself. i finished this nice and easy novel during those moments. it was a case of reading two pages or so at a time but it was good.

Sunday, June 1


i think i see a pattern here...